A nervous system disorder in which one side of the face twitches involuntarily. Most often caused by a blood vessel in the head growing in such a way that it brushes a facial nerve, causing an impingement. As a conservative measure, a Neurosurgeon may inject Botox into the affected area to freeze the spasming muscle groups. Although effective, patients must repeat the procedure after some months as the botox wears off. As a final measure, a Brain Surgeon may perform a Craniotomy to remove a section of the skull, locate the base of the facial nerve and place a small sponge inbetween the nerve and blood vessal that caused the irritation.


Founded on Excellence

Founded by Neurosurgeon, Dr. Grant Booher, Longhorn Brain and Spine focuses on a patient-centered approach to alleviating North Texans from Neurological and Spinal Pain.  Dr. Booher and his clinical team believe in exhausting all non-invasive protocols first and if needed, employing the least invasive procedures necessary to treat the patients.

Our Beliefs

Dr. Booher believes in a conservative, individualized and holistic approach when it comes to his patients. He prefers exhausting all nonsurgical options and proudly offers the least invasive techniques when clinically indicated. He strives to treat every patient like a member of his family. During his free time, he and his wife enjoy watching sports, listening to Texas country music, and traveling.